12 Things You Can Do

The Alliance can’t be a total success unless it gets you involved. Here are twelve things you can do:  

1. Join Huck’s Army: We can’t draft you; we can only hope that you’ll enlist. Huck’s Army is the unofficial grassroots headquarters of Mike Huckabee, and is transitioning into a site that will also try to elect government officials with similar positions and attributes as those of Huckabee.
2. Join the F3 Coalition: Somewhat akin to Huck’s Army but not tied to any specific candidate, the F3 Coalition gets its name from Mike Huckabee’s campaign hallmarks of Faith, Family, and Freedom. Its central focus is to elect politicians who share those values and to motivate and empower ordinary citizens to stand up for these values.
3. Join Real Clear Politics: By joining Real Clear Politics, you can vote for reader-submitted articles written by members of the Alliance. Doing so boosts the articles to the top of RCP’s reader-submitted lists (“Most recent articles with 10 or more votes,” “Most voted in last 7 days”), attracting attention and gaining recognition. This is a key facet of the Alliance’s battle strategy. Signing up is easy; all you need is an e-mail address, a username, and a password.
4. Join Digg.com: Digg.com works in a very similar way to RCP. By joining, you can “digg” articles penned by members of the Alliance, boosting them to the top of Digg’s pages. You can also comment on articles there. Digg requires more information than RCP to join, but it is still a pretty quick process.
5. Join Technorati.com: Technorati allows you to “favorite” certain sites. By joining, you can favorite the Alliance, catapulting it to the top of Technorati’s list of the Top 100 blogs. Again, joining is fast and easy.
6. Join Reddit: Very similar to Digg.com, only less information is required to sign up.
7. Spread the word about the Alliance: Link this site from your blog, MySpace, and/or Facebook. Mention this site in your posts. Put a link in your blogroll. Add a link in the signature of your e-mails or forum comments. Reference the site when you comment on online news articles and other bloggers’ posts.
8. Join the Alliance: If you are a blogger who would like to be a part of the Alliance, let us know by using the “Contact Us” page.
9. Tell us about pro-Huckabee/pro-Huckabee effort articles: There will always be articles in favor of Huckabee and this movement, written by those who are not members of the Alliance. When you find one, tell us about it! This includes your own work, if you are not a Member of the Alliance or even a blogger.
10. Sign up for Mike Huckabee’s official e-mail alerts: Hear directly from the man who was the spark of this movement.
11. Join the Fair Tax effort: The Fair Tax is one of the defining issues of the Huckabee effort.
12. Inform us about online polls: If you stumble upon an online poll involving Huckabee or other issues pertinent to the Alliance (Fair Tax, Human Life Amendment, etc.), please let us know. Online polls are more about perception than accuracy; thus, we have an opportunity to alter perception through group participation in polling.  

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