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  1. This is excellent! I really hate “Blagh-bla-blog-ing, but keep a nice photo to take the cold feel off, and make comments a competition to add real substance to the discussion, and maybe the outsider onlooking “spies” will figgur out that we are a real unified force to be taken seriously. Our voice must not be only on blogs, but at the water cooler and the super-market checkout. Not only when there is an election to selection, but to change the HEART of America. Mike is our ensign, our SPOKESMAN, and call to chorus, but the principles can only be contained in how WE live our lives. We won’t be satisfied to “wait till next time” as this were a baseball season, we’re here, we’re HOT, we’re Holy, and Wholly serious about the task at hand. For, if we DO NOT; if we faulter and melt back into the depravity of the world, our children will be the subjects to the next USSR or MAO regime. What WE do, we DO with all our hearts, for generations of our progeny. THEREFORE, as issues present themselves, let us take them in that order. We know WHAT we want to accomplish, but get confused by the order. Remember that one step affects another, so that with one advance, a more dire desire is also given attention. Now, we have HR 25 (FairTax) to advance. In so passing, do we not also change the dynamic of making unwanted dependents? So we have need to conduct business as is meet, and not according to emotion. Else, we are as diffused as the dust. I encourage you to SEE for yourself how ripe for harvest this bill truly is. It is POSSIBLE we can effect a MAJOR VICTORY in one year, and bring the deserved attention to the Huckabee Alliance. Onward Christian Soldiers! The next battleground is in Nashville, April 17th where we need 100,000 believers to amass. Logon to to find out! “Here am I. Send ME Lord”

    • What are the requirements to join the blogging alliance? I just started blogging and am relatively new to it, but would love to have my Huckabee blog added!

  2. Hi. I’ll join without hesitation. Huck’s my man.

  3. Hey,count me in to help keep Mike’s message out there

  4. I’m here for Huck!!

  5. I want to do everything I can to keep Mike in the spot light and in the public’s awareness for the next four or eight years. In fifty years of voting for president, he is the most outstanding candidate. Everyone has a responsibility to help Mike widen his base of support and to help him be perceived by more people as a conservative in the image of Reagan!

  6. Anyone can deliver an “impressive” speech, with the proper coaches and speech writers nowdays, but it takes a really “tuned In” listener to be able to spot someone who speaks directly from the heart and soul to ALL of the American people. Words are “meaningsless” in political speeches during election years and for those of us who were able to spot a real “peace winning” personality in the soul of Mike Huckabee, we are pround that the American people are now begining to wish they had taken him more “serious.” Frankly, I do not believe that it IS “too late” now, to make necessary changes before November! We have seen the three front runners more closely, and frankly,…do not like our “CHOICES” after all!

  7. Actions speak louder than words. I would love to attend the Fair Tax ralley in Nashville, only about a 6 hr drive for me. Could someone give me more information regarding when, where, and who is going to be speaking/ attending/ leading the effort?
    Mississippi Pride

  8. At first glance I thought this site was a good thing.

    I was an early supporter of Huckabee and my heart was broke when he was attacked. I thought this page would be a good place to continue the movement that he started. I thought it was a good place to discuss him running again since he is still young. In fact a year younger than I am.

    One of the things that I liked most about Huckabee is that even though he was a better candidate than McCain he never attacked him because he respected him. McCain has always respected Huckabee as well.

    I posted a couple of times on this site in response to articles that pretty much were trying to do what Mike never did and has always tried to stop. That is people trying to cast McCain as liberal.

    Isn’t this the same thing that Romney and the GOP powers that be were doing to Huckabee.

    When I asked shouldn’t we follow Huckabee’s example and support McCain just like he is doing.

    Since this was enough to have one post removed and to have another person just go on telling me how bad McCain was I have decided a few things.

    I don’t think Huckabee would support us doing that.

    I don’t think I can support this site because it is full of people that say they support Mike Huckabee but do things they know full well he would never support that caused him a lot of trouble in the primary. Remember push-pull. Some person deciding it was what was needed for Huckabee to win but was a disaster. Mike begged for it to stop.

    Well so called supporters bashing McCain who has nothing but respect for Huckabee when Mike has asked people not to attack him does not make a person a Huckabee supporter. It makes him a problem Mike has to deal with.

    It’s time to say John McCain for President in 2008 and Mike Huckabee for president in 2012 or 2016.

    This is what Mike wants. This is what I will do.

  9. I am a Huckabee blogger. I would be honored to help out the effort to elect Mike in 2012 (or, if need be, in 2016). You guys are showing awesome leadership. Keep on. I’m here to help as my time permits.

  10. A die-hard Huckabee supporter and new to the world of blogging. Ready to join and continue to advance the new conservative movement through Mike Huckabee’s leadership.

  11. I’d like to join. I started blogging for Huckabee last December, but couldn’t get added to the blogroll.
    My blog is Common Sensibilities.

  12. I’d like to be an occasional contributor if possible. You can see my work at my blog, Common Sensibilities.

  13. I’m thinking of posting some conversation I had here and via email with another Bloger, who preferred the information not be publicized, especially with personal identification. So, I will edit the personal part out and probably abstract the content and context..

    I can do the same in this case, or just omit the ID, or just post it with the ID and/or the Blog name.

  14. I would like to join this website. I do not have a blogsite of my own but will do all I can to help the cause of Mike Huckabee (2008, 2012, etc.) and the values he stands for because they reflect mine as well.

  15. how do I join the alliance?

  16. I think that Mike Huckleberrry is one terrific person and I could vote for you except for one issue…your non-evolution statement. As a retired school teacher, I know there is just too much scientic information to dispute this. So kind of lay low on that and get on the ticket again. As an independent ..this year I’m voting for Obama. He is as honest and kind and bright and articulate as you. Is it too much to want to like our President?

  17. I just started a new blog and I would love to become part of the alliance. I have been a constituent of Gov. Huckabee’s since he took office as president of the Arkansas Baptist Convention and have been a very loyal supporter ever since. As a direct result of the Huckabee administration in Arkansas, my children have many more opportunities in this great state than they ever would have before, and for that I am forever greatful and will do everything in my power to help the governor in whatever venture he takes. Please contact me with details of how I can use my blog to further the Huckaboom.

  18. I liked to join the alliance read my blog. I could be an occasional contributor. In the general election I have decided to support Alan keyes based on the fairtax and McCain’s vote on planned parenthood act 10

  19. support my artical on Real Clear Politics

  20. vote for my artical on real clear politics How We Let Our Greatest President Down.

  21. how do i join the alliance

  22. i would like to enter my blog for consideration:

  23. yes i would like to join too.My blog was entered at Mike’s previous site.

  24. I have been blogging for Mike Huckabee from the beginning. I officially now this alliance and a do all my viewers of my various blogs.!.thtml


  26. AMERICA FIRST, under GOD: What and how we say things does matter. How do we bring this country back where it should be?
    We are NOT English, African or Spanish Americans. We MUST BE Americans First or we place America second on our priority list and divide this country. We need a national movement to place ourselves in the American circle and not in an ethnic one. We need to call ourselves AMERICANS first. This changes our whole perspective of our country and our relationship to it. I have no problem using an ethnic reference as a suffix. We need to bring people back into the AMERICAN circle where we all belong.

    Mr. JSC

  27. Hey Huck Alliance,
    This is Andrew from I would be honored to join the Huckabee Aliance. What this country needs prosper and to turn back to the core principles is for someone like Mike Huckabee to stand up and lead this country. So, count me in for Huckabee 2012!

  28. I was born and raised in the Southern United States of America. I was a Southern Democrat for many years and changed my party affiliation to Independent and during the Clinton years once again changed my party affiliation to Republican.
    However, I have always voted my conviction. However, since the Clinton years, I have not split the ticket…
    I have not always agreed on all the policy issues, like immigration, the defense of our borders, and the lack of physcal responsibility in our budget. Also on health care…..the greatest nation in the history of the world and not everyone has access to affordable health care. Shame on us.
    The alternative of voting for the Democrats is not an option. The divide is far too great.
    O K , the reason I am writing to you….I just watched your interview with Bill Moyer, and I was disappointed in your response to two of his questions to you….You have great knowledge of the Bible and in your response to him it appeared as though you stumbled…..Please don’t let anyone or anything change you. I hope it was just a stumble, which we all do and is human, and not a glimpse into a change of your direction. You know why the world is broken, you know why there is poverty and sickness, you know why there is growth in atheism and a falling away from Christainity….and it is the same answer for all the above. God did not create a less than perfect earth or a less than perfect human race. In the forum that you are in, I realize you must use some degree of political response, be wise, be safe and may God bless you and your family.

  29. I’d like to join the Alliance. Please let me know if the Myth Debunker blog can be added.

  30. Adam,
    Please post this info on your blog for all Huckabee Vertical Politics Institute supporters.
    New bumper sticker to support Mike Huckabee and his pro-family issues–buy yours today!! Share this info with everyone!
    Go to the site for more information!
    Our goal is to get 500,000 orders, (2 bumper stickers per order) that will put 1,000,000 bumper stickers out on our cars across America and provide Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000.00) to Mike for his future political aspirations!!!
    Could you also post a link on the side of your page, along with SaveforMike?? Thanks–together we can give Mike the traction he needs!

    Also–could you post on your blogger list? Thanks!

  31. I have started a conservative blog & proudly added a link to The Huckabee Alliance:

    Our nation needs Mike Huckabee & we can’t let the media dictate who becomes our nominee for 2012. I sense a Newt run but, we just had an older candidate & lost Mike will be the correct age & can easily do 2 terms & he is proven conservative.

  32. I’d love to join this alliance. The stronger we can be, the better for our country. And Mike Huckabee is just the man to make this country a better place for all.

  33. Govenor Huckabee has done an excellent job in leading the nation during this economic crisis — both by opposing the bailouts & supporting the FairTax. We have a new website for volunteers who wish to educate themselves on the FairTax and would like to work with others toward it’s passage.

  34. I’m a volunteer with Phoenix Employment Ministry, a faith based non-profit that helps homeless and nearly homeless people find work in Wilmington, NC. Right now we are having an auction on eBay of ties worn during the 2008 presidential election and Govenor Huckabee was kind enough to donate a tie to us for the sale.

    All proceeds from this sale will be going to help keep our program going. In these tough economic times, people need our services the most, just as our supporters (who have been very generous) feel the pinch themselves.

    If you or any members of the Huckabee Blogging Alliance are interested, just go to eBay and search for “Brother, Can You Spare A Tie?” or just Huckabee Necktie and it will come up. The auction runs until Wednesday afternoon. Spread the word, it is a chance to own a piece of history.

    Here’s a link to a story in the newspaper.

    Thanks for reading.


    Judy Nichols

  35. I ask any of you planning to support Mike Huckabee in 2012 to please join this grassroots organization:
    At the time I am writing this, we have 835 members and growing fast. We have members in all 50 states, and are preparing to aid Huckabee’s campaign when he enters the race.

    Also, all of you from South Carolina, I ask you to contact me by email at I am in charge of the SC division of this organization, and I am trying to locate Huckabee supporters ready to help in our great state.


  36. Taxes will be the top domestic issue in ’12. Mike Huckabee will be the right candidate with the right issue position, the Fair Tax, at the right time. The American people need to, and might become inclined to, be like the citizens of Tennessee several years ago when that state’s politicians tried to impose a state income tax. The people on their own volition descended upon Nashville and stayed in the politicians’ faces until the income tax idea was toast. Let’s do that nationally to reform our tax system from an income tax to a retail tax. Fair Tax with Huckabee!

  37. I’ll take up the “Atheists for Huckabee” wing. Probably not many of us.

  38. Please, everyone, read my article about Mike Huckabee here:

    And consider adding our site to your blogroll.


    L.A. Turk

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