Alliance Code

These are the general posting/commenting rules and code of conduct for this site:

General Rules:

1. Link to–do not embed–videos: We want to preserve the available space on this site, and we also want the site to load as quickly as possible, keeping in mind those of us with older computers and slower Internet services.

2. Avoid posting pictures: Unless integral to the purpose of a given post, avoid posting pictures, for space and loading reasons.   

3. Linking Policy: When you submit your articles to community sites like RCP, it is up to you where you want them to link. You can have your articles linked directly to your personal blog, or to the Alliance site. We need to increase publicity for the Alliance, but if you do not want to lose traffic to your own site, feel free to link to it.

4. Post Contents: As you will see if you read the “About” page, this site is not just for Huckabee-related posts. Most posts politically–or “culture war”–oriented will be applicable. However, avoid posting “rambling thoughts” type posts. Don’t hold your work to too tough of a standard, but try to only post article-style posts, even if the posts are short.

5. Permission: If we do not have the permission of an author to post his work, we can only post excerpts with a link to the whole article.

Code of Conduct:

1. Abstain from foul language: In order to maintain an honorable and family-friendly environment, comments and posts containing profane or vulgar language are subject to editing or deletion.  

2. Maintain civil discourse: Do not engage in gossip. Criticism may necessarily be quite harsh and direct, and debate may be intense and passionate, but both should be focused on facts and issues. Discussion should reflect the decency of a reputable site. Any excessively bigoted, hateful, slanderous, or personal attacks will be altered or removed, if need be.

The intent of these rules is not to stifle your freedom of speech, but we do require that you stay within parameters of decency when contributing.

The Alliance Code may be edited, changed, or expanded, as is necessary.

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