Message from the Chairman

Throughout the course of the Huckabee campaign, I came to the realization of four things: first, the power of consolidated grassroots efforts, especially by Huckabee supporters; second, the vast, largely untapped potential of the Internet, including social networking sites like Huck’s Army and the blogosphere; thirdly, that the sooner you start working for a campaign or an effort, the better; and fourthly, the fact that the mainstream media cannot be counted on to help one out, or even be fair.


These four realizations were the major catalysts of my decision to start the Huckabee blogging Alliance. I’ve watched with amusement as online polls in which Mike was barely registering swung drastically his way after being posted on Huck’s Army. I watched thousands of campaign calls made by real people, rather than robots, like most other candidates have to rely on. Towards the end, I saw articles written by Huckabee supporters easily bumped to the top of Real Clear Politics’ Reader-Submitted Articles section. In summary, I saw the obstacles that could be overcome and the feats that could be achieved when ordinary people worked hard and together for a common goal.


Unfortunately, I feel that we only struck the tip of the iceberg. By the end of the campaign, MikeHuckabee.com had over 800 “Bloggers for Huckabee” listed, if I’m not mistaken. The list was undeniably impressive, but it had very little practical use. I never tried to delve into the list, because it was overwhelming.


Of course, all of the sites were not regularly updated, and some of them weren’t even actually supporting Huckabee. But, still, hundreds were. Each blogger did his part, most blog beings visited by only a handful readers each, but no collaborative effort was attempted.

 Hopefully, that won’t be the case next time. To make sure it won’t, I’ve created the Huckabee Alliance, a “coalition of bloggers unwilling to give up on either Mike Huckabee or the values for which he stands.” These are its goals:

  1.)   To maintain the community of Huckabee supporters—especially bloggers—for the 2012 election and the issues which face us every day.

 2.)   To gain new supporters for Huckabee.

3.)   To prepare an extensive coalition for a potential 2012 run, also remembering that anything can still happen this year, including a vice-presidential run (though the Alliance neither officially endorses nor opposes the possibility of a Huckabee VP candidacy).

4.)   To combat media bias and imbalance.

5.)   To provide a one-stop shop for Huckabee supporters to read material written by other Huckabee supporters.

6.)   To keep Huckabee’s name associated with the issues he fought for, like life, marriage, the Second Amendment, the Fair Tax, etc.

7.)   To work for those issues specifically, and to help elect candidates who hold those values.

Interactive community sites like Real Clear Politics, Digg, and Reddit allow readers to vote for articles, boosting them to the top of their pages. Huckabee supporters have the ability to hold a strong presence on these sites. But we can only accomplish this if we concentrate our efforts.

Huckabee bloggers are encouraged to join the site, copying their posts onto it, while non-bloggers are urged to take part in the effort.




It’s important to note that all Members of the Alliance don’t agree with all other Members of the Alliance all the time. That should be quite obvious. After all, we’re free-thinking people with various reasons for supporting Huckabee. That’s our first connection: support for Huckabee. Most of us will agree with each other most of the time, but total agreement is not a necessary prerequisite for our cooperation. 




Another thing that needs to be emphasized is that this site is not just about Huckabee, as strange as that may sound. As much as we have grown to like Huckabee the person, we really support him because of what he believes in. So, this site is as much–if not more–about those values as it is about Huckabee himself. Huckabee may not run for President again. He may fade into the sunset of the public sphere. He may fail us. So, while we continue to work toward a Huckabee victory–sooner or later–we realize that those fundamental principles are why we’re really here.



Also, we have to be honest with ourseles: it is not feasible to consistently blog about Huckabee for the next three years (unless, of course, he becomes the Vice President, or ends up with the nomination). Not only would our posts be torturously redundant, but they may even come across as fanatical, and, in the end, would not be very productive. However, if we continue to post about the issues we face every day–the issues that mean the most to us–like the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, life, marriage, the Fair Tax, and a strong defense–we can kill two birds with one stone, pardon the crude expression. On the one hand, we can fight day after day for our values, and for the political candidates who hold them. And, on the other hand, we can constantly associate Huckabee’s name with these principles.



  1. I became a Huckabee supporter last September and hope that the Lord will open doors and ways for him to serve our country,as President if possible. I am very impressed with your efforts through this web site and when I become maor computer literate I will join the ranks to keep Mr.
    Huckabee name before the people of the United States of America.

  2. I want to be part. My blog is Common Sensibilities. Check it out.

  3. I want to be involved. I don’t have a website but want to read and comment as I am able. I am for Mike Huckabee for president 2008 or whenever, but more importantly as stated above, I am more for what he stands for, values important to us all whether we admit it or realize it or not.
    A few: American sovereignty, life, marriage, security/defense, 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

  4. Good evening! I’d like to join the Alliance. I think this is a great idea!

  5. I’d love to join the Alliance. Check out my blog to see what you think: http://www.duckkillerdan.blogspot.com/

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