Posted by: Huckanut | February 14, 2009

Huckabee, Palin, Jindal Are All Acceptable – Romney Is Not

Gov. Bobby Jindal will be giving the GOP address to America following the President’s speech to a joint session of congress on February 24. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner announced their choice last Wednesday.
“Gov. Jindal’s leadership during a time of recovery in Louisiana, his commitment to real government reform, and his protection of hardworking American families make him an excellent choice to offer Republican solutions for the challenges which lay ahead,” according to McConnell’s press release.
It seems as though Jindal is off to a good start if he indeed plans to launch a bid for the White House. He seems to be greasing the wheels of his campaign train already.
At any rate, he is a good Christian man who is strongly pro-life and an unabashed conservative. During his somewhat short tenure as governor in Louisiana, dealing with hurricanes and such, he has exercised sound judgment. He would be an exciting new leader in our party.
Gov. Sarah Palin, 2008 GOP VP nominee, has basically said that she would run. “I’m like, OK, God, if there is an open door for me somewhere, this is what I always pray, I’m like, don’t let me miss the open door. And if there is an open door in ’12 or four years later, and if it is something that is going to be good for my family, for my state, for my nation, an opportunity for me, then I’ll plow through that door.” Palin is strongly pro-life, in voice and in deed. Last April she gave birth to a baby boy with Down syndrome, Trig. According to Palin and her husband, Todd, Trig has done more for them then they could ever do for him. They called him the “best thing that ever happened to us.” Once again I part ways with Kevin Tracy of; I believe Palin would be a wonderful nominee and a strong leader of the conservative movement. We lost because the media literally hated her, and consistently spread untrue rumors and fabricated quotes from non-existent McCain staffers, and landed a plane-load of reporters to “dig up dirt” on her. Our problem wasn’t her conservatism or her experience – it was the media.
I saw Gov. Mike Huckabee at a book signing in Birmingham, MI. No reporters were present, so you’ll just have to trust me. A lady in line behind me asked the governor if he planned to run in 2012. He replied, “There’s a very good chance.” You heard it first here. Mike Huckabee is a strong conservative who can look Ann Coulter in the face and say “You lied,” which he did recently on “Huckabee,” much to my delight. Huckabee is my top pick for 2012.
Gov. Mitt Romney is yesterday’s news, and his supporters certainly are not as engaged and excited as Huckabee’s, Palin’s, or Jindal’s. Huck PAC has kept his supporters engaged at the grassroots, certainly more so than Free & Strong America PAC, created by Romney. Team Sarah, with it’s tens of thousands of members has Palin supporters active and engaged. And there is no shortage of online groups that support Jindal.
Regardless of his viability, Romney is not reliable on the important issues. An ad created by a so-called group of “Michigan Democrats for Romney” touted his ability to destroy the GOP and his fellow contenders, using his massive wealth to fulfill personal ambitions to the detriment of his party and country. It suggested that Michigan Democrats vote for Romney “to keep this circular firing squad going.” It further stated that if you didn’t like the new Romney, you can simply have the old Romney. If you don’t like a position, you have more than one option. Romney is like Burger King – “Have it Your Way.”
Romney said that abortion “should be safe and legal in this country.” He strived to find room to the left of Senator Ted Kennedy when running in liberal Massachusetts. When he began running for President in 2007, he did a 180 degree turn on so many issues it made him dizzy. He changed on gun rights, homosexual marriage, abortion, Ronald Reagan, and immigration. It was ironic that radio giants Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity deemed him the most conservative.
The bottom line is this: I am happy with Palin, Huckabee, or Jindal. Romney or someone like him is unacceptable.
Gear up, Huckabee fans. While we’re not engaged in a campaign, we need to be fighting on the front lines to defend life, marriage, and freedom.
Meanwhile, we have Detroit City Council and Mayoral elections in November of 2009 and races for governor in a couple of states. In 2010, we’ll be working with congressional and gubernatorial races in Michigan and elsewhere.


  1. Palin’s recent interview doesn’t seem to be improving her image:
    I hope she runs though.

  2. I’m more or less with you.

    I disagree, though, about Gov. Palin. Her problem wasn’t that the media hated her. Her problem was that she had no idea how to handle the media, and didn’t seem like she’d ever thought about the issues she was facing.

    Still, I’m not going to try to steal your enthusiasm. I was and still am a fan of Dan Quayle, VP under the elder President Bush. The man was great on many issues. He was the pro-lifer that Pres. Bush wasn’t, and many other things. (National Review, back when it stood for something, remarked that the only thing George Bush did better than Reagan was choose a running mate.)

    However, he handled himself badly. He came across as goofier than he should have.

    I expect that Gov. Palin will make a run, just as VP Quayle did. She’ll be unable to win over support, just as he was. Good on some issues, but not cut out for the main stage.

  3. Thank you for your blog. We conservatives really have our work cut out for us!

    I think Mike Huckabee is doing a fine job of keeping his presence viable in the public’s eye. Jindal is a work-in-progress with great potential for the future. I believe 2012 is too soon for him. I’ve taken a second look at Romney and believe his conversion to the pro-life cause. After close examination, his governance in MA reflected a pro-life, pro-marriage stance. We Christians do believe in enlightenment and the ability to change. I like Palin’s values but I do think she is going to be criticized for her recent pro-choice appointment in Alaska. I wish her well but think her family would best be served if she maybe sat out the 2012 election cycle and runs for POTUS at a future date.

    I think the dire circumstances that America faces calls for reasoned thinking and not dismissing anyone yet.

  4. sarah can handle the interviews IF the media outlet doesn’t edit out the real sarah. thats something we need to remember. that cbs charlie gibson interview was fully half cut out. i have the printed transcript of it. Also remember that mccains team proved just how stupid a campaign can be run. they spoon fed a legit conservative to the media to get media exposure to a crowd that hated her. she would have been much better served by showing on rush or any fox show. remember this!

    HUCK/PALIN 2012.

  5. I want to say that I am a Democrat for Huckabee.Mike Huckabee is a good man, a smart politician, and a smooth operator. Huckabee stands for the truth, and he is very honest. I believe he was the best candidate in 2008 and will be in 2012. I will support him GO HUCKABEE 2012

    • Huckabee/Paul 2012

  6. As an American living in Europe, I closely followed the Republican primaries since 2008 through my blog dutch4huckabee and am convinced that only Mike Huckabee has a possible shot at winning the presidential election in 2012. The logic behind that is based on two observations. One is the fact that he has sufficiently demonstrated to be an eloquent, gracious and capable politician and two that the attacks on him are in fact directed at his grassroot supporters. Mitt Romney can only win the primaries by insulting and attacking Huckabee’s grassroot base. That strategy however will make it impossible for him to win the general election.

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